Buy Ether via Bank account – for EU Ether buyers

This is step 3 from our How to buy Ether tutorial. If you have not read it, do it. It shows you how to add your Bank account to Coinbase and make your first payment.

Step 3.1. Add Payment Method

If you are in one of the dark blue countries, you are safe.

Open Coinbase website and sign in, if you are not already. Now go to Settings and click Payment Methods.

Click Add Payment Method button.

On this scren, select Bank Account (SEPA).

On this page, type in name of your bank, IBAN is your account number, and SWIFT/BIC of your bank can be found here.

The page looks like this after you added the your bank as Payment Method.

Step 3.2. Make payment

You must first put some EUR into your wallet.

Go to Accounts, choose EUR Wallet and click Deposit button.

A SEPA transfer data now appears. Now open your online bank website and use this data to transfer the money.

In NLB bank it looks like this:

Step 3.3. Wait for payment

You will get notification via email that your money has arrived.

Continue on the tutorial – go to final step, that is step 4.


For detailed official instructions from Coinbase go here.